Whether you want to increase functionality, are complying with new code, or simply want to update your equipment, we can help. Our modernization packages are tailored to each individual conveyance. A comprehensive survey of the equipment is used to develop the most efficient and cost effective solution. Our recommendation is based on what is best for your equipment and your bottom line. As an owner operated business, we are involved in all aspects of the project, from submitting our bid to final inspection. We are flexible in our scheduling, contracts and timelines.

* Non-proprietary equipment.

* Code compliant solutions.

* Competitively priced.

* Flexible Contracts.

We install truly non-proprietary equipment. Our controllers have built in User Interface Tools (UIT's) that are user friendly and require no special codes, tools or laptops to test, adjust, view faults. Our controller manufacturers provide tech support at no cost to any service provider. Other equipment such as Door Operators, Fixtures, Motors, Governors, Machines, Gearboxes, Rope Grippers, etc. are provided by industry leading suppliers. Click to read Universal Standards of Serviceability.

Modernization & Installation Manager
Ben Garrett: (509) 714-6615