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We have an approved Maintenance Control Program (MCP) in the State of Washington!
Give us a call: 509-979-3777

We believe the best way to fix a problem, is to identify and correct the problem before it becomes catastrophic. We do this through a comprehensive maintenance program.

*Experienced in Maintaining Equipment.
*Flexible Contracts.
*Competitively priced.

Whether you want to update the look and/or functions or your equipment, or you are complying with new codes, we have all of your modernization needs covered.

*Non-proprietary, industry leading equipment.
*Code compliant solutions.
*Competitively priced.

Innovation, flexibility and thinking outside the box allow us to develop solutions for everything from major repairs to minor code compliance fixes.

*Timely Correction of Code Discrepancies.
*Periodic Safety Testing.
*Free Estimates for Repairs.
*Flexible Scheduling.

The installation of everything from a residential elevator, to a high rise traction elevator requires quality equipment and precise installation to protect your investment.

*Residential elevators.
*Commercial Freight and Passenger Elevators.
*Material Lifts.