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The installation of everything from a vertical platform lift, to a high rise traction elevator requires quality equipment and precise installation to protect your investment.

*Commercial Freight and Passenger traction, hydraulic and roped hydraulic applications.
*Residential elevators.
*Material Lifts.

We use only non- proprietary equipment. Our competitors claim their equipment is non-proprietary, but it is far from it. Truly non-proprietary must meet certain requirements.
Click here to view the Universal Standards of Serviceability and Maintainability. Our competitors have invested heavily into their controls and new elevator packages. This allows them to offer a reduced price up front, but increases the maintenance costs to the customer over time. Regular maintenance provides financial longevity in the industry, and proprietary equipment locks the customer into using the service provider with the special tools and software to maintain, repair and troubleshoot their equipment.

We install high quality, state of the art equipment that is truly non-proprietary. Give us a call
(509-979-3777), or shoot us an email with any questions. We are happy to lend a hand and provide general elevator knowledge and guidance. That is part of our job!


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This material lift, manufactured by P-Flow, was installed in a winery earlier this year. It has 3 stops with front and rear openings. The lift went into operation the day it was inspected and turned over for use. The crew at Mauer Construction have put it to the test while working to complete construction.


This is a 3 stop residential elevator, installed in a new home in Liberty Lake. It was a pleasure to work with Steve and Scott at Milionis Homes. They build quality homes, and we feel fortunate to have been part of this project.

Residential elevators are a great investment. A 2003 study conducted by Florida State University concluded that an elevator can increase the value of a home by up to 10%. A home valued at $350k that installs a $35k elevator is theoretically at a breakeven point on their investment. Also, if the housing market is depressed, then this addition can further help by fundamentally setting it apart from other homes in the same market. While the entire report from FSU is not available, a summary can be found
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