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We offer competitively priced Repair for all types of conveyances. Whether you have an equipment malfunction, complete failure, or have received notification from an inspector, we can help.

We are experienced in troubleshooting and repairing Commercial and Residential Conveyances. These include Passenger and Freight, Hydraulic and Traction Elevators, and Wheelchair Lifts/Vertical Platform Lifts.

We also perform Annual, 5 Year, and special testing.

Give us a call at
(509) 979-3777 or shoot us an email by clicking here.

- Fabrication -

Inland Elevator, LLC is capable of limited fabrication. Some of these items include Pit Ladders, Guards, Platforms and other items. This allows us to save our customers money and support other local businesses. We buy our fabrication materials and equipment locally. You will not find another elevator company that provides this service. Ben Garrett and Jeremy Tanner hold a welding certifications. As a previous Iron Worker, Jeremy is a skilled welder and does the majority of our fabricating of pit ladders, platforms, handrails and other custom projects.

- Escalator Removal -

Over the past year, we have successfully removed 2 sets of escalators at Northtown Mall in Spokane. If you are thinking about removing your escalators, give us a call for a complimentary site survey.

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- Wood Guide Rail Replacement -

Due to excessive corrosion and splitting, sections of rails needed to be replaced. We milled replacement rail sections from solid oak. Each section was meticulously shaped, mortised and backing was replaced where necessary. Our joinery is superior to the existing joinery that was splitting at various points. You will not find another company that can, and will, go to these lengths to preserve the existing rails.
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- Manlift Step Rebuild -

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Due to the age and condition of the existing steps, replacement was the safest option. We fabricated 9 new steps at a fraction of the cost from the original manufacturer. We used local steel from Haskins Steel Co., Inc. and fabricated new steps. Crescent Machine Works fabricated the new rollers. We acquire materials and parts from local vendors whenever possible.

- Custom Gate Installation -

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Code required that compliant gates be installed on this freight elevator at Barrister Winery. The gates were custom built and we installed them on the front and rear of the car as well as a bottom landing hoistway gate. Sidewalls were also fabricated, and painted to match the gates.